Machine for straightening disks. What is the accuracy of rule drive?

24-245-245When working on machine  for straightening disks question immediately arises : what is the accuracy of rule drive? What is permissible or sufficiently accurate edits car drives on machine  for straightening disks ?

The answer is best found in the regulations. So, for example GOST 30599-97 ” alloy wheels for pneumatic tires. ” the following requirements : 2.7 of rim run-out in the areas adjacent to the bus must not exceed the value specified in the table .

Type of vehiclerun-out , mm , not more
 Freight, buses , trailers1,51,5

Axial runout is measured on the inner rim of the disc , radial shelf on the disk. Recommend the use of a dial gauge with a scale of 0.01 mm , the type of ICH -10 ( GOST 577-68 ), intended for measuring length, absolute and relative methods of determining the extent of deviation from the desired geometric shape and arrangement of surfaces . The indicator in the set diskoprava not included.
Also rims for tubeless tires must be watertight . On the surfaces of the rim adjacent to the tire is not allowed on the porosity of more than 1 cm2 area .

On dmachine  for straightening disks ” HETMAN -200 “, ” Getman- 300 ” and ” 400 – HETMAN ” included is a pointer to the beats , which allows you to quickly determine the location of subtle defects in disc-shaped . Machine tools for editing HETMAN drive shaft are hard and rigid frame that contributes to the qualitative performance of works by rolling straightening and straightening disks.

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