Wrench for wheels trucks “Getman-2000″


Wrench  for wheels trucks

General Description:
Wrench is designed to loosen the wheel nuts and screw the trucks, buses, heavy military equipment and various types of construction equipment during service repairs and replacement tires.


Motor power 1,1 kW
Number of revolutions of the motor 1000 rev / min
Mains voltage 380V or 220V
Frequency range 50 Hz
Power unscrewing  
Shot Power  I Shot 420 Nm
Shot Power  II Shot 560 Nm
Shot Power  III Shot 840 Nm
Dimensions:  height 1200 mm
length 1010 mm
width 620 mm
The position of the shock nozzle 310…750 mm
Shock nozzle 1”
Weight, not more than 80 kg


Warranty Wrench 12 months.

Hit of sales

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