Which machine for straightening disks choose?

machine-for-rolling-and-straightening-disks-getman-303-300-300The question of choosing the equipment for repair disks may interest those who are starting a business or engage in Tyre Fitting those who extends an existing tire changer plot in accordance with the trends of modern service center.

Repair disk on which machine  for straightening disks is better to carry out? Initially, the vehicles used steel wheels, they stamped, and therefore universal in equipment for repair disks. Corners, the radius of the landing tires monotonous on the disks of different sizes. Metal amenable to revision. Therefore, in the period of operation of such vehicles with disc wheels rolling is performed on roller machine for rolling disks Getman-110, Getman-300 and their modifications, as this wheel repair is easier and better to diskopravah series Getman-110-300 Getman and their modifications.

With the advent of aluminum disks appeared and the need to use other metal processing technology. Steel wheels are easier to straightening roller diskopravah. Alloy wheels are made of a brittle material and revision in 70% of the rihtuemye fall off. To alloy material is more flexible and does not fall off when straightening, it was heated to 280 ° C, the burner or industrial dryer. When you edit the disc on a roller straightening machine disk space is basked – softer and will be compacted rolls. In other words, the body cast disc in warm places, a check will be thinner (compacted) and the form of cast wheels is different, especially the facade, not all roller podlezesh. In this connection there was the need for other metal processing technology – the use of hydraulics.

Since the light alloy wheels are made of brittle material, damaged microcracks to be brewed argon welding, welds are machined, cut edge of the torn disk. In this case, there is a need in the lathe. Thus, a new series of machines for straightening drive Getman-200-400 Getman and their modifications in the design of a tool holder as a lathe. In diskopravah Getman Getman-110 and-300 and their modifications are available for 2 seats to secure the cutter.

How to edit a disc with hydraulic you can see in the video. In completeness machine for dressing the discs includes a CD with Video editing disk.

Rolling drives using hydraulics is longer and more complicated, and the wheels on tire fitting station come and metal alloy. Therefore there is a need to connect two diskoprava, and a hydraulic roller in one – a universal machine  for straightening disks.

Since the machine  for straightening disks Getman-301-304 installed and hydraulics and videos diskopravov this series is universal because it governs and rollers and hydraulics. So almost diskopravah series Getman-300 and their modifications combined two machines in one, and it is a series of roller Getman-110 and hydraulic series Getman-200.

Getman-403 – Machine for straightening hydraulic truck drives without commercials, and he is not universal, and hydraulic. This machine can be equipped with either manual or electrohydraulic, electric in 220V or 380V, a tool holde.

We produce:

– Roller machine for rolling disks Getman-110 and their modifications;

– Hydraulic tools for editing disk Getman-200 and their modifications;

– Universal (rollers and hydraulic) machines for rolling and straightening disks Getman-300 and their modifications;

– Hydraulic straightening machines for trucks drive Getman-400 and their modifications.

Each of the modifications diskopravov comes with a manually or elektrogidravlikoy, set the drive on 220V or 380V.

When selecting diskoprava also important to pay attention not only on technical parameters but also on the machine manufacturer. The advantage of domestic producers is the ability to quickly resolve any issues regarding spare parts or overhaul of equipment.

Watch video: demonstration of work machin for rolling and straightening disks HETMAN-303

Watch video: demonstration of work machin for rolling and straightening disks HETMAN-111

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