Limited liability company, "AutoMenGolg" is a domestic manufacturer of equipment for service stations, lines and molds for production of corrugated board, plate bending machines. The staff of our company is engaged in the development and production of the equipment for over 22 years. The equipment produced by our company, are in great demand in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova.

The range includes:

    certified water treatment devices for car;
    stands restore the geometry of the car body with the maximum complete set;
    lifts 14-year-types - are hydraulic, electromechanical 2-D and 4-rack, pneumatic hoist (without restrictions do allow lifting height. This kind of lift is the low cost of repair, maintenance, and increased service life, equipped with mechanical traps for security );
    tire changers for cars (4 types);
    tire changers for trucks;
    machines for straightening disks - Roller, hydraulic, universal (11 species);
    machines for straightening disks for trucks. Our company is the only one who makes the machines of this class in Ukraine;
    installation groove brake discs - the process of turning takes place without removing the brake disc with the car. In Ukraine, our company is the only manufacturer of this facility;
    Curing universal for cameras and tires for cars and trucks;
    Testers tire punctures (baths), with gas for cars and trucks;
    bath to remove the debris from the wheels of cars;
    Stand Wheel Alignment 3 main views:
        2 wheels
        with reference to the rear wheel axle 4,
        for trucks.
    pneumatic and hydraulic beam;
    pneumatic jacks are 2 types;
    cranes garage to remove the engine from the car;
    hydraulic presses 12, 20 and 40 ton;
    hydraulic bending machines.


An interesting trend in the construction are the lines for the production of corrugated board from PS-6 and PS-21, and our imported. For beginners to work with shaped boarding or even no line should pay attention to die for the production of corrugated board. This equipment is several times cheaper than conventional lines, easier to maintain, takes less space. And also use stamps to standardize the machine: one die can be made decking 8 species.

In the manufacture of the equipment we use our own production gear, standard rubber products, pneumatics company Camozzi. This approach allows you to quickly, even without our participation, access to spare parts and perform preventive maintenance or repair of a node.

We offer high quality, reliable equipment in operation, proven long service life, at reasonable prices, which has demand both in Ukraine and abroad.

We invite you to cooperation on favorable terms for the expansion of the dealer network.



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