Pneumatic lift for tire capacity of 3 tons


Pneumatic lift for tire capacity of 3 tons

Features lift for tire:

Pneumatic scissor lift car is designed for lifting vehicles up to 3,000 kg to a height of 600 mm. It has two air bags, mechanical safety device stops to lift the vehicle.

Pneumolift ideal for tire shops, can replace one lifting all four wheels. Can work with tepmerature air to -10 ° C.


The maximum height above the floor, mm 600
Load capacity, kg, max 3000
Time to go up no more, with 10
Lowering time, not more than 30
Air supply pressure, atm. 7
Operating ambient temperature, ° C -10…+50
Overall dimensions, mm length without platforms-in 1490
with platforms-in 3570
width  without fences 1995
with fences
Weight, not more than, kg 350

Complete with lifting platform, stops – 4 pcs., Zaezdnyh platform – 4 pcs.

You can purchase: Pick-up legs – 4 pcs.

Warranty scissor pneumolift 12 months.

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