Console hydraulic lift.


The console hydraulic lift is used to lift loads in warehouses, factories and facilities where movement of loads is required. Can be used as an elevator. Such elevators are cheaper than mine-type elevators, easier to install and to manufacture. They can be installed both inside the building and outside. Lifting platform can have a different design: with railings, with doors, etc.

Each lift manufactured by us passes all the necessary tests and quality control individually

The main characteristics of the lifts:

The length of the cargo platform up to 3m
The width of the cargo platform up to 1,5m
Height of raising of a platform to 3,5m
Stand height 5,2m
Loading capacity is 250 kg… 1000 kg
Rise time 25 s
lowering time 30 s
Console lifts of our production have the following features:

Power supply of working circuits 380 Volt 50 Hz, three-phase. The power supply voltage control circuits 24V DC.
Hydraulic Cylinders – Single Acting
The valve of breakage of a high pressure hose on a hydraulic cylinder is installed.

Cantilever rack with carriage and hydraulic cylinder;
lifting platform, which is attached to the carriage;
control box;
control panel with cables;
passport with warranty card and instruction manual
According to labor safety requirements, console hydraulic lifts are not subject to registration with the State Labor Safety Oversight Committee of Ukraine.

The warranty on the lift is 12 months.

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