Company AutoMen provides warranty and post-warranty service of our production, as well as repair and maintenance of similar equipment from other manufacturers. In the manufacture of the equipment we use our own production gear, standard rubber products, pneumatics firm "Camozzi" sleeve and the shaft, hydraulic equipment of domestic producers. This approach allows for the shortest possible time, with our without our participation or not expensive, finding replacement parts and perform preventive maintenance or repair of a product.

Also, we provide preliminary consultations on Skype, available upon request. Remote consultation through Skype – it’s a convenient way for you from the comfort of your home or office, in a short time to make a preliminary analysis and obtain the necessary information from our experts. On the client side requires only the presence of the Internet and Skype with a camera that will provide a good quality image.

We practice at the enterprise Pickup Equipment Buyer, a passing carriage or delivery of our cars by region of carriers. The different variants of delivery, favorable to the client.

We offer products whose quality is tested over the years

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