Stamps for the production of corrugated board


Stamps for the production of corrugated board

General Description:

The machine is designed for the production of profiled sheeting of steel coils with thickness 0.4 – 0.7 mm. Roll width 1000mm or 1250mm. The basis of the method of profiling serial matrix and punch.

The line:

  •      decoiler
  •      Forming a stamp
  •      Cutting knife
  •      Hydrostation
  •      control cabinet


Work material galvanized sheet steel according to GOST 14918,
hire Rolled-rolled thin sheet with the protectively-a decorative varnish-paint-coated according to GOST 30246-94 (brand of steel 08 kp according to GOST 9045-80, the application of KP)
Material thickness 0,4-0,7 мм
The width of the material 1000 and 1250 мм
Performance 125 m2/hour
Payload unwinder 8000  kg
Type of the unwinder device Mechanical Mechanical
Mode of operation Semi-automatic
Drive Electro
The wait staff by 1 person
The installed capacity of the line 3 kW
Line weight 450 kg
Voltage 380 V

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