Machine for rolling and straightening disks HETMAN-110


Machine for rolling and straightening disks HETMAN-110Features Machine for straightening disks:

principle of operation of the machine to edit discs: recovery profile of the disk rim with rollers driven around;

drive shaft machine for rolling disks – reversible, which facilitates alignment of alloy wheels;




Machine for straightening disks HETMAN-110 is designed for mechanical alignment wheel drives cars and light-duty trucks. The machine allows you to quickly and accurately restore the profile of the disk rim without the application of considerable physical effort.

There are two options for installing drives on rihtuemyh stnok rolling discs:

1) with interchangeable faceplates;

2) using the universal mounting (cone-leash-clamp).

Universal mount allows to quickly install car drive on machine for straightening disks. Discs ZAZ Tavria studs on the spindle through a special faceplate (included). Disks “Gazelle” attached to the main face plate mounting bolts M16.

Frame straightening machine has a hard drive design. The guide rollers are equipped with special mechanisms to eliminate backlash. This contributes to quality performance straightening work on machine for straightening disks.

Specifications machine for straightening disks HETMAN-110 :

Disc Diameter, inches12,00-18,00
Rim width, inches4,0-8,0
The thickness of the metal rim, not more than, mm4
Shaft speed machine, rev / min15
Power consumption, kW1,5
Dimensionswidth, mm1300
length, mm1000
height, mm1100
Weight, not more than, kg290

Included: Faceplate “ZAZ – Tavria” – 1 pc. (Disks “Gazelle” are attached to the stationary face plate), the tool for turning disks.

You can purchase:

1. F158 mm faceplate for mounting disks with a diameter of 98mm mounting …. 139.7mm.

2. Lever for manual repair, pre-straightening drive on the machine.

Modification tools for editing disk Getman 110:

HETMAN-111 – Power supply from three-phase 380V.

HETMAN-112 – Powered by a single-phase 220V.

Warranty machine for straightening disks Getman 110 – 12 months.

Смотреть видео: демонстация работы дископравильного станка ГЕТЬМАН-111

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