Stand restore the geometry of the car body, “Khortytsya”


Stand restore the geometry of the car body,
General Description:

Stand for dressing the body of the car, “Khortytsya” consists of a movable frame on which is mounted the body of the car, and is joined with hydraulic lift rod system of tools and accessories designed to perform work on straightening bodies. The design ensures quick assembly jig damaged car body, easy access to important areas of repair and moving in the right part of the room. Hydro-tensioning bar, equipped with swivel assembly systems “REVOLVER” and power hydraulic cylinder allows you to create traction up to 10 tonnes applied to any point on the car body. Crossbeams straightening mobile platform that increases the ease of mounting on the car straightening bench.


Type of  pile purpose mobile
Type of power device hydromechanical
Car mount for flare thresholds (4 Lock

8 points of the clip)

Load capacity, kg 3000
The maximum force on the rod, kgf 10000
Overall dimensions of the pile length, mm 4000
width, mm 1020
The height of the tension bar, mm 2010
Frame ground, not more, kg 300
Weight bench, no more, kg 850

Completion of stand restoration of body geometry:

The name Type, brand, description Number
1. Frame 1020х4000х120 1 1
2. The wheel frame swivel 4 4
3. Travers mobile 300х1800х240 2 2
4. Rack pull the main 400х1070х2010 1 1


Ф20, L=425 mm 2 2


Ф24, L=325 mm 6 10


Ф128 mm 1 1
5. Rack pull additional 400х1270х1842 1
6. Catch (capture of the body) universal universal 4 4
7. Set platform-in 2 2
8. Fence for the wheels 8 8
9. Support frame 4 4
10. Set no beaters 1 1
11. Traction chain with hook m 2,4 1,8 + 2,4
12.  Passport and instruction manuals 1 1
Tool 13. Capture with movable rods (set) 1 1
14. Capture traction 100 мм 1 1
15.Capture pull 45 мм 1 1
16. Capturing BMW (with key seating) 4 4
17. Capture Mercedes 4 4
Devices 18.  Device for drawing Lanjeron 1 1
19. Jack  travers mobile 1 1

Rafter for underhood space and luggage space.

Rafter is designed to perform straightening work the engine compartment and trunk compartment.


Length, mm 780..1120
Weight, not more than, kg 6,2

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